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July 4, 2020
Zoho Assist - Desktop App Update Guide

This is just a quick guide on updating your zoho assist Open your Zoho Assist Desktop App [ux_image id="80" lightbox="true"] [gap] Click "Application" in the top left, then click "Check for update" [ux_image id="81" lightbox="true"] [gap] Click the "Download Update" button [ux_image id="82" lightbox="true"] [gap] Click "Install Now" once its downloaded [ux_image id="83" lightbox="true"] [gap] […]

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November 15, 2018
Mobile Device Repairs

At Virtue IT, we are expanding our list of offered services to include the repair of Tablets and Mobile Phones! We source our certified parts from Australia’s leading suppliers of Repair and replacement components, enabling us to offer a Guarantee on all our repairs and replacement parts. if you have a damaged mobile device contact […]

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